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The Museum of Helsinki Lufthansa "Postiche Collection" , 2011

After many years of intense research and diligent attention to detail Julian Wolkenstein and Paul Sharp introduce you to the fascinating and stimulating world of postichery. 

Combining rare original postiche with meticulous replicas created by technical adviser Tamara Maynes, we are given, for the first time, a wholly unique insight into this previously undiscovered sector of Gender Studies.

The project, subscribing to the Slow Photography Movement, is beautifully documented in a Museum of Helsinki Publication "The Postiche Collection" - a Limited Edition catalogue designed by Hampus Jageland.

Photographic Prints: 150 x 100cm,
Pigment Print Hahnemuehle fine art matte paper.

The photographic series comprises of six portraits:
Eyah kusadvha Dunaki Daardhi The Eadaraig Vestment
The Cernunnos Postiche
The Laramie Postiche
The Belgorod Boroda
The Ma arakatt Al Rahman Merkhet

Catalogue: 21 x 26 cm x 20 pages,
Printed 4 colour process + allover varnish 150gsm White Offset stock

Edition of 1000 Catalogues

Photography: Julian Wolkenstein.
Crafted Beards: Tamara Maynes
Catalogue story writer: Paul Sharp.
Catalogue designed: Hampus Jageland