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An advertising campaign for Wynns Coonawarra Estate from DDB Melbourne.

It goes some way to illustrate the geological history that has formed the unique Terroir (soil, topography etc ).

Which has epically undergone 12 ice ages, been submerged under the ocean for a couple of million years and experienced periods of blazing sun. These unique events have contributed to the Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav’s respected status.

Armed with layouts of intention, trusting clients and the spirit of adventure, we took to the air photographing the Coonawarra vineyard area in South Australia, additional landscape in Central NSW, then dived underwater for sea bed imagery, and wrangled icebergs around in the sublime Mt Cook area of New Zealand.

After many hours spent hanging out of choppers, driving through various countrysides, and missing a plane back from Christchurch, we then went on to combine these images at the offices of Cream retouchers.

There are even a few behind the scenes images over in the news section.