Optus 5G

Photography project

360 View:

Click and drag to move around inside the fridge.

Westpac Smart Plan

Animation from bespoke 3d scans 

Understanding Gravity




Up On The Mountain

Music Video for Artist Yhan Leal.

Approaching the song as a conversation between Yhan and myself this is what happened. 

Concept, Photogrammetry, 3d, Compositing and Grade: Julian Wolkenstein

Editor: Josh Graham


The Pynx is considered the birthplace of democracy in Ancient Greece. It's a large stadium on a hill in Athens built around the 5th century B.C. It could seat up to 12,000 Athenians at once who would then listen to the plans and ideas of politicians, who would speak from a stage carved from stone. It

represented a government where aristocracy gave way to the Greek concepts of equal representation as a voter as well as an equal opportunity to hold political office.

And yet today there are just too many leaders with bad hair.

Beverage Animation Section

Ad News Cover Augmented Reality for Howatson White