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Summer's verdant spaciousness gives way to Winter's chill. Time is felt differently but doesn't change, ancient patterns repeat with the unstoppable momentum of nature's rhythm.

360 View:

Click and drag to move around inside the fridge.

Westpac Smart Plan

Animation from bespoke 3d scans 

BBC Three ( Is Now On TV )

I was asked by Riff Raff Films to create a world for BBC Three with Maya Jama

Director: Fa & Fon

Me: 3d build, composite and grade

Editor: Piers Dennis

Music and Sound Design: Heavy Duty Music

Understanding Gravity


Ad News Cover Augmented Reality for Howatson + Company

Endless Flower


Mitchelton Wines


Touch The Grass





​The Pynx is considered the birthplace of democracy in Ancient Greece. It's a large stadium on a hill in Athens built around the 5th century B.C, which could seat up to 12,000 (male) Athenians who would then listen to the plans and ideas of politicians, who would speak from a stage carved from stone. It represented a government where aristocracy gave way to the Greek concepts of equal speech, where every citizen could debate matters of policy. So like an ancient Reddit/Twitter. ​

And today, from these seeds of progressive thinking, we have many leaders with bad hair.

Up On The Mountain

Music Video for Artist Yhan Leal.

Approaching the song as a conversation between Yhan and myself this is what happened. 

Concept, Photogrammetry, 3d, Compositing and Grade: Julian Wolkenstein

Editor: Josh Graham

Allianz Wonderwall

In collaboration with Howatson & Co and Allianz for the new Sydney-based Allianz Stadium, we crafted an epic 2 minute 3D animation loop showcased on the monumental Wonderwall Screen. This integration of animated graphics and moving imagery is designed to electrify the stadium’s atmosphere by hyping up 45,000 fans. Drawing inspiration from the emotive power of sports, the animation incorporates iconic phases as literal elements within its narrative, mirroring the stadium’s architecture and lighting of live games. This work not only enhances the fan experience, transitioning from day to night but also encapsulates the sheer excitement of match day, delivering a visual story to punters.

Ice Runner COP 26 

See Project Page

In conjunction with Tech-Luxe Fashion House - MYAMI  conceptualising, building and placing the Ice Runner into an environment for Web 3 project.


Director: Julian Wolkenstein

Agency: Howatson+Company,

Client: Belong

VFX: Heckler


Working with Howatson+Co and Heckler I directed these fun spots and outdoor stills for carbon neutral mobile and internet provider Belong. Inspired by the world of NFT's and whimsical internetty goodness in general the suite of work plays to Belong's themes of inclusiveness and environmental responsibility.

Kept Promises Broken Dreams

A platform to explore Digital Fashion and World Building. Further link.

Boop & Frens', Launch Film, 2022

Betty Boop! the first female animated character in history, steps into the world of Web3.

The launch of 'Boop & Frens' is supported by the multi-talented team at XLABEL. My role saw me rig and animate her to virtual life, for the the first official time ever. 

Keeping true to The Fleischer Studios heritage we placed her in a theatre environment, hinting at future NFT utility plans. Current NFT's are here.



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