A Gentle Wander Through The Uncanny Valley

"A Gentle Wander Through The Uncanny Valley (This Robot has 27 Artificial Muscles Inside her Face. Currently 20 Parts Can Be Moved By Them To Create a Variety of Expressions)" , 2016


594 x 841 mm / A1 hoarding posters.


Is a photographic series playing with the notion of authentically replicating the human - the promised future. One of augmentation, robotics, artificial intelligence. Science endeavours to define what it is in fact to be human in order to implement these, a sort of paradox of installing “presence”.

More Human Than Human 

Images were printed as hoarding posters and placed around the entry for the  2016 Art & About x Golden Age Cinema & Bar present 'Blade Runner' outdoor screening on top of Goulburn Street Carpark in Sydney.

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