Neo Pointe Technique, 2014

Using Motion Capture technology the body is translated, rather than visually recorded, from real space to the digital realm. Fifty three points ( markers ) on the body is all that is used to interpret the movement which is then stylised in post production to gestural form.

The Tittle of the work, "Neo Pointe Technique" refers to the Ballet technique of supporting all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet in order to appear weightless and sylph like. It is performed whilst wearing Pointe shoes. In order to capture the data the dancers are required to wear a tight fitting stretchy Motion Capture suit with markers Velcroed on which provide the points of data.

“Neo Pointe Technique” is a collaboration between Julian Wolkenstein, Natalia Chow, Valeria Maltseva and Issy Sceats.
Dancers - Jessica Singer and Jonothan Nash-Daly
Music 2Sugars, “We Have Our Obsessions"


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