Craftsoda maker Ps Soda asked me to conceptualise and make an animated series for use in socials and web.

Eight sequences were made that could also join together to form a larger narrative.

🜄 🜁

This is a journey of alchemy. Imbibing a transformative sorcery from bespoke elements into an elixir. We jump off from the position of liquid as a property of elemental vagueness, having volume without a fixed shape. Then travel through various states, briefly taking on the form of it's container, before cycling into its other forms again and again.

".......don't make it look like an ad", was the only stipulation on this open brief with bespoke soda makers PS Soda.


The title references alchemy symbols from the Hermetic movement for water and air.


Title 360 Video 

An Interactive 360 sequence of the PS40 Bottle branding letters.

Lets not make the logo bigger, lets make it bounce around in a vortex.

© Julian Wolkenstein  2020