Weighting for Pabulum, 2015

3D body scan using Photogrammetry

On our journey into digitisation and lightness of being, we discard our physical body, having found this to be a hindrance.

In Weighting for Pabulum, Marine ( the model ) has been 3-D scanned photogrametrically ( photography that is converted to a 3D mesh ), having now a reasonable avatar for the digital realm. From a somewhat formalist perspective as the ìpencil of natureî has progressively become more accurate in its rendering of reality, it remains essentially 2d, an empty shell, like malleable tin sheets. Her body in space appears a lightweight objective likeness, with a tinny K-Pop audio track. By way of process it is fractured and pieced together, necessitated from the partnership of photographic process and by the invisible algorithms that take these photographic images and turn them into a 3d mesh. Perhaps more Mary Shelley than an enlightened being.




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