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Making people symmetrical since 11/1/11 plays with the notion of your own identity. What do you look like? What are the things that make you look like you – your identifying features?
If you are made symmetrical, do you consider yourself more beautiful, less so, or is it just weird? Or is it you at all? Do you have a best side? What is to be said of left and right brain dominance?

I would encourage everyone to try to work with the format – it makes being part of the whole project more interesting than just a one off shot of yourself. But, this program just makes what ever it points at symmetrical, so I would expect people to evolve and play with it how ever they can. This will be just as interesting.

After 6 years, around 89000 uploads and numerous emails about "resource overuse" from my website hosts is offsite presently.

I now have the largest repository of symmetrical images in the world, probably.

Burger Herder, 2018

VR Project.

Fueled by a diet of high sugar and high salt, these slippery frenetic little sliders don't herd themselves.


Enter the world of Burger Herding. Ever wondered if being inside a burger would be as much fun as being outside? Watch shadows on the wall of this burger cave and explore the inside of the outside of the inside of a shallow fast food.


It's all you can't eat.

AdNews Cover for Experiential Theme Issue, 2021

I was approached by Ad Agency Howatson&Co to create the cover for AdNews March edition on the topic Experiential Marketing, for an article about the state of play with in the Experiential space presently.

The front cover of the magazine was to trigger a Web based Augmented Reality weblink.

Making a QR code trigger is easy, but making the QR hidden with-in an image is more complicated. The active QR trigger is a middle section with in a larger non functional QR to be the edge that forms a block of QR extruded cheese. 

As QR's work on contrast the yellow of the code and a background with enough difference was very carefully constructed. The hand is a 3d scan and the background was an environment made in Unreal Editor.

Touch Liminal, 2019

Web based Augmented Reality weblink, dimensions variable, location variable

Free to anyone with IOS or Android enabled device.

Touch Liminal  is there but not there, and only accessible where technology imposes its visual payload upon those willing. If touch is that most intimate of senses, this remains a somewhat unsatisfying experience, to touch, but never quite touch.


Two hands forever slowly circle each other, never meeting, one ( annoying ) hand just bounces around pointing, and two hands when attempting to touch go through each other.


The "pencil of nature” continues to be refined into convincing audio visual apparitions and AR is a stop gap solution before more fully immersive experiences. For now it's shiny playfulness masks an absence and the sense of being stuck at the threshold of the visual. 



Supported by Code on Canvas, creative technology partner.

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